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The taping and jointing process is a quick and economical solution compared to traditional plastering methods.

The term taping and jointing is a system used for seamless jointing of tapered edge boards to walls and ceilings and is designed for bringing plasterboard up to a standard that is ready for professional decorating.

The taping and jointing process is multi-staged and involves bedding the tape after the joint filler has been applied. The joint cement then blends the two edges into the wall, covering the tape.

Jointing of all flat internal and external corner joints is achieved with the application of two coats of joint filler and one coat of joint cement to leave a smooth finish.

The advantages of using the taping and jointing process include:

  • Speed –  Taping and jointing can be quicker and cheaper than traditional plastering due to a reduced surface area to be completed and with less water in the process it allows the area to dry faster.
  • Cleanliness – Only minimal material is applied to the joints, hence less wasted materials are dropped on flooring
  • Time management – Traditional wet plasterers require their own work areas, but with taping and jointing the surface the area can be used by other tradesman e.g. carpenters / electricians